An interdisciplinary fashion initiative at the intersection of biotechnology and design.

BioTech Couture is a collaborative design project bringing together the minds of four students in biomedical engineering and industrial design. By integrating biosensor technology with high fashion, we aim to innovate in a novel way that will bridge the gap between art and health technology. Four dresses will be designed and fabricated, drawing inspiration from the four elements (earth, air, fire, water). Each dress will have a unique embedded sensor that will track different biosignals. Earth will be represented by an EMG signal, air by a respiratory signal, fire by a PPG signal, and water by an EEG signal. Everything from the dresses to the shoes will be custom-made by the designers. Ten 3D printed jewelry pieces will be made for each element, totaling to 40 total custom jewelry pieces. In addition to being displayed onto the physical dresses, the data will be visualized through projection mapping onto the walls of the venue during the runway showcase. 
Several different fabric manipulation and design techniques will be used to create the dresses. We plan to experiment with 3D scanning, 3D printing, fiber optics, laser cutting, parametric modeling, computational design, data visualization, and projection mapping. We have 16 models already selected to walk during the show. Four models will be wearing the main dresses, and the rest of the models will cycle through the show to wear the jewelry pieces.