air | Main look
designer: Minakshi Seth
DRESS MODEL: anaija head
Anatomy of the outfit
Air Dress-
A respiration sensor was used to monitor the model’s breath rate. To construct the sensor, a conductive rubber cord was sewn into a belt connected to an Arduino and worn around the model’s waist. When the diaphragm expanded, the rubber cord would stretch with the belt. The increase in length results in a change in resistance, which were registered by changing analog values. We determined the model’s breathing threshold in advance by recording the upper and lower limits of the analog values. We used these values to create a range of values that would then control the fading lights. (how many neoxpixels) were chained together and sewn to an underskirt below the tulle and inhaling deeply would light up all of the Neopixels to full brightness. 
Bio-Responsive Marasmius Cuff
Bio-Responsive Marasmius Cuff-
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