Fire | look 2
designer: Mariam hasan & rj weaver
MODEL: Saron Worku
Anatomy of the Jewelry
Heatstroke Jewelry + Boots-
The runway piece was ultimately 3D printed using a fused deposition modeling technology to achieve a form that would be prohibively impractical to manufacture in any other traditional way. As a result of the opportunities presented by a high precision production method such as 3D printing, this piece’s overall size and shape were specifically formed to the model, Saron Worku, through the use of high-quality 3D scans. This allowed the designers to bring her form into the digital space, and use the scans as a unique mannequin to build the jewelry around. This technologically driven workflow allowed the team to ensure that the physical jewelry would fit perfectly to the intended wearer every single time, taking the time to build a mass-customizable system that aims to disrupt how contemporary fashion is thought of.
real 3d viewport
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