water | Main look
designer: leah thomas
DRESS MODEL: ryan lan
Anatomy of the outfit
Water Dress-
A Muse headband was used to monitor the electroencephalography (EEG) activity of the model. The raw brain wave data was streamed to a laptop, and we used Python to break down the raw data into different frequency bands. We chose to specifically look at beta frequency levels (__ to __ Hz), which is oftentimes associated with levels of concentration. At the final dress rehearsal, the model’s EEG data was recorded and analyzed to determine her baseline values and her average range of concentration based on the frequency levels. These values were then mapped to a servo position, which would pull the headpiece to a halo position around the model’s head when fully concentrated and lower down when concentration levels decreased.

Acrylic Headpiece-
The headpiece was constructed by first laser cutting an acrylic sheet into an arched shape, and then thermoforming the acrylic with the help of a heat gun and pliers. A second piece of acrylic was thermoformed to fit around the model’s neck like a collar, and servos and ball bearings were assembled in the back.
Bio-Responsive Marasmius Cuff
Bio-Responsive Marasmius Cuff-
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